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Flexible and bespoke solutions

Our core infrastructure orchestrates every element of delivery and fulfilment, from back-end tech to front-end platforms. Make use of our full solution, or plug into your existing ecosystem.


Easily book driver hours based on your forecasted demand and access our shared network of drivers.


Driver Fleet

Tap into our national fleet and scale your delivery along with your order volumes.

  • A network of 450+ drivers across 50 hubs
  • Dedicated drivers, ensuring prioritised collection and delivery
  • Flexible and scalable driver model with ability to adjust driver supply based on volumes
  • On-demand and scheduled same-day delivery service
  • Live driver tracking and status progress updates

Our proprietary on-demand delivery technology is powered by cutting-edge machine learning and AI.

Automated driver and order allocation

We use our AI-powered driver management platform, Jarvis, to assign and track orders and consistently improve our delivery efficiency.

Detailed order management overview

Our team closely tracks order details and progression, and can also interact with drivers when necessary.

Real-time monitoring

Detailed order dashboards provide our team with valuable insights in order to make data-driven decisions.

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345% increase

in order volumes in 30 days

< 45 min

From order to delivery*
average delivery time*

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